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The benefits of this design for bellows seal shut-off valves

Bellows Sealed Globe Valves can be supplied according to all ANSI Class ratings, up to and including ANSI Class 2500. The valves can then be customized based on the required hardfacing material and the end connection type.
> Size: ¼" to 4"
> Up to ANSI class 2500
> Stainless steel and carbon steel
> Threaded, flanged or welded connections
> ASME qualified
> N & NPT stamp holder
> Manual, pneumatic, or electric actuation
> Most bellows have been qualified up to to 10,000 cycles, with some unique 1,000,000 cycle qualification on a limited number of bellows
> All valves are 100% helium leak tested at leak rates less than 1 x 10-6
> Flexible metallic bellows replaces the function of the conventional gland, reducing maintenance frequency and operation cost
> Bellows is multi-ply, welded seam construction from Inconel 625 material, which provides long life
> Bellows is welded to stem and bonnet to ensure zero leakage through gland, which eliminates harmful chemicals being released into the atmosphere
> Screwed and seal welded joints replace flanged joints to ensure zero leakage (the valve is thus hermetically sealed)
> Valve seating can be refurbished by simply lapping the body seat and replacing the disc, which can be performed in the field or end users shop

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