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Material number meaning in bellows globe valve

Sometimes, what would you mean by seeing the bellows globe valve with WCB on some of the instructions or product labeling? In fact, WCB is the meaning of cast steel. WCB is a common material number for valves, low carbon steel with carbon content of 0.3-0.5%. WCB is cast carbon steel, and WCB forging is A105.
The bellows globe valve is called differently in different occasions or in different places. The bellows globe valve is also called the bellows seal globe valve. Compared with the ordinary globe valve, the bellows globe valve has no leakage, and is applied to high risk. The media is safer. The bellows globe valve replaces the packing seal with a closed bellows that can be stretched and compressed, which can effectively prevent external leakage caused by the loss of the packing. Generally used for medium transportation with strong permeability, such as valves on hydrogen system, as long as the bellows is not damaged, there is no external leakage; and the general globe valve is sealed with packing, which is easy to leak. This is better than ordinary ones. The globe valve is sealed with a packing, and the valve stem and the packing slide, which is easy to leak at low temperatures. The bellows globe valve adopts a bellows structure inside, and the lower end of the stainless steel bellows is welded on the valve stem to prevent the process fluid from eroding the valve stem, and the other end is placed between the valve body and the valve cover to form a static seal. Double seal design: If the bellows fails, the stem packing will also avoid leakage. The bellows will be welded to the valve stem to maintain stable running performance, avoiding the valve plug vibrating and causing the valve stem vibrating bellows stop valve to be a relatively small category. The type of valve is relatively large, and the ordinary stop valve can also be used in the steam system; it can be said that the bellows globe valve belongs to the steam stop valve, but it cannot be said that the steam stop valve belongs to the bellows globe valve.
The valve stem has a relatively short opening or closing stroke and a very reliable globe function. The valve seat opening is proportional to the stroke of the valve flap, which is very suitable for adjusting the flow. Therefore, this type of valve is well suited for use as a cut or adjustment and throttling.

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