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Classification and types of globe valves

The globe valve is mainly composed of a valve body, a valve flap, a valve cover, a valve stem and the like. The valve body and the valve cover are pressure-bearing members, and the valve disc and the valve stem are internal parts. The globe valve is a valve in which the closing member (valve) moves along the centerline of the seat. According to this form of movement of the valve flap, the change of the valve seat opening is proportional to the valve stroke.
Classification of globe valves: The shut-off valves are divided into right-angle, straight-through and direct-flow according to the structure of the valve body.
1. The right angle fluid only needs to change the primary direction so that the pressure drop through the valve is smaller than that of the conventional structure. The valve body is mostly forged, suitable for small through, high pressure globe valves.
2, straight-through is the most common structure, the medium inlet and outlet channels are 180 ° in the same direction, but the fluid resistance is the largest.
3. In the DC or Y-shaped stop valve, the flow path of the valve body is inclined with the main flow path, and the fluid resistance is small, and it is mostly used for fluids containing solid particles or high viscosity.
Type of globe valve:
According to the nominal pressure: vacuum, low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, ultra high pressure valve, etc.;
According to working temperature: high temperature, medium temperature, normal temperature, low temperature, ultra-low temperature valve, etc.;
According to the driving method: manual valve, power driven valve (electromagnetic, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and various linkage valves), automatic valve, etc.;
According to the valve body material: cast iron, cast copper, cast steel, carbon steel, titanium, stainless steel valves, etc.;
According to the application department: general valve, power station valve, marine valve, metallurgical valve, pipeline valve, water heating valve, etc.;
According to the structure form: straight-through, angle, direct current, etc.;
According to the connection form: internal thread, external thread, flange, welding, clamp, clamp, ferrule, etc.;

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